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Practicing What You Preach: My Commitment To A Biro-Free Existence

Xpress Document Solutions Dave Poyser is seeing if new pen technology from Microsoft can help him go the last mile when it comes to living paper-free

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Three Little Words: ‘Bespoke Software Development’

By Dave Poyser, Director, Xpress Document Solutions We’ve come a long way in terms of the functionality, capabilities and scope of document management, and its related solutions – and the DM Collaborators’ blog shows off a lot of these advances in very succinct, well written pieces. But today’s topic is, shall we say, a little more taboo. It’s the subject of “bespoke software development”, a phrase guaranteed to induce sweaty palms and ashen faces amongst clients when first discussing solution scenarios for a prospective document management project. Now, I don’t know whether this is a throwback to the bygone era of document management software’s infancy where big frameworks and bespoke development were the ‘norm’ (as were the big ££s involved) or whether it’s just a general fear of the unknown – either way, I’d argue that the “concerns” -for want of a better word – are more unfounded now than ever. Sure, cost is still a big factor in commissioning

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EASY – The ‘Go To’ DM Product For The SME?

By Dave Poyser, Director of Solution Marketing, Xpress Document Solutions In this blog, EASY Software UK partner, Dave Poyser tells us about his company, Xpress Document Solutions, how they work with EASY Software UK and the DM market. Xpress Document Solutions is 100% about Document Management – from consultancy to bureau services to bespoke development. We service a wide range of customers, too, from SMEs to multinational enterprises; the size of the customer obviously having an impact on the nature of the solution we provide. For the smaller customer, it tends to be off-the-shelf, that’s to say, whereas with bigger clients you can end up with a lot more customisation and bespoke work needing to be done. So I’d say we really do cover the whole spectrum of DM. Why are you working with EASY Software, then? We’ve been partners with EASY Software for about six or seven years; we met, I think, at an AIIM roadshow in either Bolton

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