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SharePoint Workflows: Friend Or Foe?

We are delighted to be able to share a great post today from respected ECM industry commentator Jeff Shuey, who has worked for all the leading lights in the industry and who is now Chief Evangelist at K2. Jeff wants us all to think about using SharePoint to support workflow – which he says can be done and pay benefits, with a bit of work and plannin

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Working With The Mad Hatter

By Dave Poyser, Director, Xpress Document Solutions After I submitted my previous blog  for review by the editor here at the DM Collaborators’ blog – one of the initial comments she made was about whether I could add in some more detail about what I’d found to be the biggest differences between the SME and micro business scenarios  – for example, where the inefficiencies in my inherited processes lay. This was so that you wonderful readers would have more to take away from the post rather than just hear about my own personal challenges.  If you’ve read the first blog though, then you’ll have seen that this didn’t really happen! I’d actually decided that this would be a two part post before submitting the first part.  Firstly, because I was mindful of the word count; my writing is not too shabby, but a 1000+ word post would be pushing it.  But secondly, and more importantly, I needed to buy myself

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Max Power – or how The Simpsons taught me a lesson about DM

By Dave Poyser, Director, Xpress Document Solutions In a classic 1999 episode of The Simpsons, called ‘Homer To the Max’, Homer changes his name to ‘Max Power’. At one point during the episode, Homer turns to Bart and Lisa and says “Kids, from now on, there are three ways of doing things; the right way, the wrong way and the Max Power way”, to which Bart replies “Isn’t that just the wrong way?” and Homer replies – “Yes, but faster!”. If you’re a long time Simpsons fan, then you’ll no doubt remember this episode (and if you’re not, why not…?). Either way, you’re no doubt wondering what this has to do as an introduction to a document management blog post. If you bear with me, all should become clear. I’ve been a consultant working with Document Management and Workflow (BPM) solutions for almost a decade and a half (before that, my dissertation for my degree investigated the feasibility of a

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Don’t Mistake a Perfect Solution for One That Takes Years to Start Implementing

By Tony Cheung, CTO. EASYSoftware Who in their right minds would want to disagree with this: you need to get technology introduced right, or it runs too high a risk of de-railing – and we all know the cheerless effects of that, from wasted money to red faces to, occasionally, cheeky headlines on Web sites. What I am going to do is challenge it in this sense however: are you holding off implementing something that could be great and start delivering simple benefits for you, if the macro ones you really want are not in place from the get-go? Here’s a prime example of what I mean: I was talking recently to a very smart and savvy Financial Director. He was insistent that a new piece of tech he’d bought in from us and was perfectly happy with – indeed, so convinced was he of its usefulness that he’d paid up front for it – needed to sit in the drawer

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A New Type of Document Management Blog

Welcome to the opening post in this new venture, The DM Collaborators. Created by document management specialist, EASY Software UK, we hope the blog will fast become your ‘go to’ resource for views, insights and updates from the Document Management industry including guest bloggers from Cognite, Spigraph, Intelligent Filing, Touchstone, Fujitsu, Paper River, Green Duck, Green Plane Solutions and Document Manager Magazine. Topics will range from scanning, capture and archive through to workflow, indexing, retrieval, ERP integration, SharePoint, enterprise content management and all the technologies in between. We’ll also take a look at the industry drivers, challenges and provide our two penneth worth! We look forward to entertaining you as you follow our posts. Howard Frear, EASY Software UK