We Need to Push DM as a Key Factor In Making Purchase-To-Pay Better

By Andes Loukianos, Sales and Marketing Director, Touchstone FMS I’ve talked here before about how we seem to be focusing on the wrong things in DM, i.e. the ideal of the paperless office – when in fact, the real contribution of document management is much more practical, such as improved retrieval of business data. I regularly talk to customers struggling with this very problem: DM significantly speeds up the process around paying suppliers. After all, 99% of the queries related to non-payment of invoices are about, ‘Have I received that invoice?’  ‘Oh it’s with the manager awaiting approval, so I’ve yet to enter on to the system’ and so on. You obtain big savings in time and money by having all your invoices centrally stored and indexed, so anyone who needs to see a copy of an invoice can. That helps on two fronts – supplier enquiry, and just as importantly it also speeds up the authorisation of an invoice.

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What’s The Name Of The EDM Game In 2013?

By Howard Frear, Director of Sales & Marketing, EASY Software We recently hosted a very interesting partner day in London – something we do every year to get a chance to debate the latest technology advances in and around electronic document management, but also to network and discuss the way the market is changing. Attendees included senior representatives from important firms like Northamber, Fujitsu, Touchstone, Cognite, Spigraph and Paper River. I can’t capture the whole day for you, but I’d like to try and communicate some of the excitement of this event to you, as I think some genuinely insightful content came out of it. For a start, we heard that the market, despite the lingering after-effects of the recession, is pretty buoyant, with the general sentiment that there is a lot of activity at the moment – both from the public sector, particularly local government, as well as corporate buyers, particularly in finance and planning. In finance, our partners

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How Buoyant is the UK Document Management Market ?

At the recent EASY Software 2013 UK Partner Day in London, we asked a bunch of document management resellers and channel partners what was driving sales in the UK market and which departments were trail-blazing with Document Management.

Paul from Cognite, Steve from Paper River, Cheryl from Spigraph, Lee from Fujitsu, Alex from Northamber and Andes from Touchstone gave us some great, and upbeat insights. And what’s more they let us video what they had to say.

Sit back, grab a coffee, feet up and listen here

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