Do You Have A Relationship Of Trust With Your DM Industry Partner?

By Jennifer Van Lent, Director of Solution Marketing, DICOM Spigraph   In this blog, EASY Software UK partner, Jennifer Van Lent tells us about DICOM Spigragh, how they work with EASY Software UK and the DM market.   I think the best way to think about what DICOM Spigraph will mean for the European DM market is to see us as providing the digital ‘on-ramp’ – in terms of the specialist hardware and software – to get people on to the EASY Software solution set.   To put that another way, we are working with both EASY Software customers and partners (such as resellers) to make sure they have the document capture and scanning solutions they need to get off paper and into the DM universe.   But who are those customers? Do you think their profile is changing?   Most definitely, yes. It’s not too long ago that Document and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) really was restricted to only

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Document Management: A Market Still Very Much In Evolution

By Dave Tyler, Editor, Document Manager Magazine In this, the first of a two part Q&A, we have a change of pace and hear from a well-qualified observer of the Document Management world, the Editor of Document Manager magazine Dave Tyler, on how he sees the market What do you see as the main drivers in the DM market right now, Dave? It’s still very much compliance for the bigger organisations. Multinational firms are very aware of regulation and the need to adhere to strictures like Sarbanes-Oxley, especially if they are US-based or operate there. The whole set of financial regulations post-Enron is still being felt and it makes CIOs want to feel that they are in charge of their information trails, basically. Having said that, cost efficiency and the need to save money by getting away from paper and manual processes as much as possible is also a big factor – possibly moving to become dominant, arguably. Interesting. How

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A New Type of Document Management Blog

Welcome to the opening post in this new venture, The DM Collaborators. Created by document management specialist, EASY Software UK, we hope the blog will fast become your ‘go to’ resource for views, insights and updates from the Document Management industry including guest bloggers from Cognite, Spigraph, Intelligent Filing, Touchstone, Fujitsu, Paper River, Green Duck, Green Plane Solutions and Document Manager Magazine. Topics will range from scanning, capture and archive through to workflow, indexing, retrieval, ERP integration, SharePoint, enterprise content management and all the technologies in between. We’ll also take a look at the industry drivers, challenges and provide our two penneth worth! We look forward to entertaining you as you follow our posts. Howard Frear, EASY Software UK