Big Brother and Your ECM is Watching You – Should You be Concerned?

By Mike Palman, Managing Director, Green Plane Solutions With so many high profile court cases around today, is it any wonder that many people incriminate themselves unintentionally? We now live in a truly digital world where internal systems are often highly intelligent and routinely record your history. We all leave a digital breadcrumb trail that can be tracked, traced and monitored. Email archiving has become a hugely useful system when analysing what people did, when they did it, who they included and exactly what the content of the mail was. It can help with compliance issues and reduce lengthy back up times. But many people still do not realise that removing or deleting messages or history from their PC or device will not save them if any analysis is subsequently undertaken. When auditors start to dig, they will find the emails with attachments (documents) and will be able to see an audited digital trail. Think about it – all email

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Do You Know These Three Document Management Terms ?

By Mike Palman, Managing Director, Green Plane Solutions Ltd Document Management is growing up and with this evolvement, a host of new challenges and opportunities exist for everyone. Some Document Management terms are already on the tips of our tongues and some are being heard more often. But what are they and what do they actually mean? Here’s a quick guide to some of the most common. Email archiving – According to a report by The Radicati Group, over 100 billion emails are sent and received each day and email continues to be the primary source of communication for businesses. This includes the sending of documents by way of an attachment. For many individuals and companies, it’s not surprising that if they ever find themselves in court, their email trails are closely examined as the archives are said never to lie. Often the misconception of ‘local deletion’ has caught out many defendants when date and time stamped archives are used

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Document Storage – Has it Really Changed?

By Mike Palman, Managing Director, Green Plane Solutions As technology moves on, it’s worth reflecting on just how much of an impact IT has had on what we do on a daily basis. Storing information has its own challenges and let’s remember that documents come in all shapes and sizes.  Technically documents can also be audio and video and all documents will need to be stored and accessed seamlessly, often by many users. The headache of storage has been both created and solved in a variety of different ways.  Not so long ago there was microfiche – a small piece of photographic film printed with miniscule data – but these soon disappeared, as they were difficult to find and had to be refiled in the correct place after viewing. Magnetic tapes were also used to store documents as they had huge capacity and were considered to be very low cost.  However, as storage costs reduced, it was found to be

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Our Sparkling, Digital World

By Mike Palman, Green Plane Solutions There are now literally billions of things we store on a daily basis. At the same time, we are taught from an early age that time is a finite resource – you cannot make any more time. While this is true, advances in technology have allowed us to be far more productive and subsequently we are all far more productive than we ever could dream of being not even 10 years ago. The challenge of getting everything stored in digital format seems to have been with us for years; now, it seems, we are finally starting to benefit from getting more and more immersed in the digital world. At work, not having to collect printed output to do our jobs is such a pleasure; not having to wait days for the delivery of documents is also another great bonus, as we can view them online, immediately. Without question, I have more time free as

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Carry On Printing and Go Green

By Mike Palman, Managing Director of Green Plane Solutions So the paperless office hasn’t exactly arrived. But that doesn’t mean we can’t try to be as Green as possible, now does it? Today, printing tends to be in abundance, after all. So doesn’t it make sense to cut down what you print and only ever print the documents that are going to be read? For 20 years or more, users have been asked to reduce what they print and in many situations they resonate with that request – but they still need to be given the opportunity to view documents online of course. If this happened they would not need to print anywhere near as many documents. There will always be requirements where printing is entirely necessary. That being said, many users have still never really thought about their personal usage of printed documents. In certain situations, and I’m sure you’ve seen this, a front page and last page is

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