Green Duck: A Lot More Than An Unusual Name

In June, DMCollaborators’ sponsor, EASY Software, held the latest of its very popular Partner Days where it gathers key industry customers for a day of networking, information exchange and fun! We are presenting some of what EASY partners told us there about themselves, working with EASY and the DM market. Here’s what Craig Davies, Business Development Manager at Green Duck had to say. ‘We’re an IT services company helping small, medium and, in some cases, some really quite large customers.’ So much is obvious, perhaps. So maybe the more interesting question is, What makes Green Duck different – apart from the name? ‘Well, we think our biggest differentiator is that we are proactive. That’s a term that cuts right across our business, from the deep technology side, right to the way we actively work with clients. On that tech side, we employ clever software ‘agents’ that scuttle all over your infrastructure, looking for things to go wrong and alerting us

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