Beware DM Complacency. We Still Have A Lot To Do!

By Howard Frear, Director of Sales and Marketing, EASY Software UK We like to think that DM has gained full acceptance – that it would be a rarity to see an organisation that hasn’t caught on to the idea yet and which still relies on manual approaches to key business tasks and ‘the paper chase.’ In many ways this is true … but you may still find this a bit shocking: according to Deutsche Bank and Gartner, no less than 95% of the 30 billion invoices processed across Europe in the year 2010 were done so in a way that involved manual data entry. You may also be a bit taken aback to realise the impact on European business of that fact. The brutal truth is that manual processing can push the cost of processing that invoice by a factor of 20 over doing it electronically. That equates to £80,000 for 20,000 invoices at £4 each (done manually) versus the

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DM: Getting Deeper And Deeper Into The Business

By Andes Loukianos, Sales & Marketing Director, TouchstoneFMS In June, DMCollaborators’ supporter EASY Software held the latest of its very popular Partner Days where it gathers key industry customers for a day of networking, information exchange and fun! We are presenting some of what EASY partners told us there about themselves, working with EASY and the DM market How does Document Management fit in with what we do at TouchstoneFMS? Simple – it fits in very well with what we provide to our customers, especially those in Finance departments. That’s because they get in a lot of information from suppliers and their customers that needs to be retained; it needs to be scanned in and has to be easy to refer to subsequently. So DM really helps in a key way for a key TouchstoneFMS customer, the Finance and Procurement Team. In fact, that’s true right across all our TouchstoneFMS divisions, as we provide financial management solutions to a wide

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