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Never Let IT Morlocks Ravage Our Common Data Heritage

EASY SOFTWARE UK’s Howard Frear has been thinking about saving our common heritage – and he’s not sure we’ve got all the answers on how to do it

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Is DM Coming More Into Focus For Medium To Large Enterprises?

By Andrew Watson, Technical Director, FIS Information Systems UK In this blog, EASY Software UK partner, Andrew Watson tells us about FIS Information Systems UK, how they work with EASY Software UK and the DM market. FIS Information Systems UK is a company that offers what you might call a set of useful ‘add-ons’ to the SAP business software system. So we offer extra functionality in a number of business areas, such as workflow, invoice recognition and HR/human capital. In terms of our relationship with EASY Software, as we are both originally German headquartered organisations, that’s a relationship dating back at least ten years there, though here in the UK we’ve been working with Tony, Howard and the guys for about five years, I’d say. What’s interesting is that it’s actually a two-way relationship we have: we tell our SAP customers about EASY Archive, that it’s the best solution for the whole invoice collection procedure, and the EASY guys are

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Big Brother and Your ECM is Watching You – Should You be Concerned?

By Mike Palman, Managing Director, Green Plane Solutions With so many high profile court cases around today, is it any wonder that many people incriminate themselves unintentionally? We now live in a truly digital world where internal systems are often highly intelligent and routinely record your history. We all leave a digital breadcrumb trail that can be tracked, traced and monitored. Email archiving has become a hugely useful system when analysing what people did, when they did it, who they included and exactly what the content of the mail was. It can help with compliance issues and reduce lengthy back up times. But many people still do not realise that removing or deleting messages or history from their PC or device will not save them if any analysis is subsequently undertaken. When auditors start to dig, they will find the emails with attachments (documents) and will be able to see an audited digital trail. Think about it – all email

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Do You Know These Three Document Management Terms ?

By Mike Palman, Managing Director, Green Plane Solutions Ltd Document Management is growing up and with this evolvement, a host of new challenges and opportunities exist for everyone. Some Document Management terms are already on the tips of our tongues and some are being heard more often. But what are they and what do they actually mean? Here’s a quick guide to some of the most common. Email archiving – According to a report by The Radicati Group, over 100 billion emails are sent and received each day and email continues to be the primary source of communication for businesses. This includes the sending of documents by way of an attachment. For many individuals and companies, it’s not surprising that if they ever find themselves in court, their email trails are closely examined as the archives are said never to lie. Often the misconception of ‘local deletion’ has caught out many defendants when date and time stamped archives are used

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Will We See a Paperless NHS in Five Years?

By Edward Belgeonne, CEO and Founder of Destiny Wireless The government says it wants the NHS in England to achieve fully integrated digital care records across all care settings by 2018. But will we actually see Jeremy Hunt’s ‘paperless NHS’ within five short years – if at all? The guidance fully explains the benefits of adopting safe digital record keeping, as well as giving details of how Trusts could claim their part of a new £260m technology fund to help get them started on this path. Sorry – you only had until the end of July to apply. Indeed, NHS England says it received an unprecedented number of applications, with nearly 80 valid expressions of interest, which if they were all approved would equate to a lot more than £260m… try £650m worth! The NHS has spotted four key areas to try and get more use of electronic patient data kicked off. These are: using the NHS number as primary

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What is it your FD really wants from you?

As we enjoy a welcome burst of good weather – and business takes a summer holiday before gearing up for what seems, judging from recent economic indicators, to be a welcome return to growth for UK Plc, it seems like a good time to consider what we want from our document management projects. Let’s start with some objective data about this. I’d like to draw your attention to some recent work EASY Software carried out in terms of asking decision makers about their priorities. I think some of the answers – which we gleaned from our 2013 EDM Survey – will surprise you, especially if you work in IT. If asked which function of the business was most likely to have opted for a paper-free life, you might have said IT. Our sample (all EASY customers) didn’t agree. It turns out Finance is most likely to kick-start investment in Electronic Document Management (52%), followed by the Operations/Manufacturing Department (26%) and

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A New Type of Document Management Blog

Welcome to the opening post in this new venture, The DM Collaborators. Created by document management specialist, EASY Software UK, we hope the blog will fast become your ‘go to’ resource for views, insights and updates from the Document Management industry including guest bloggers from Cognite, Spigraph, Intelligent Filing, Touchstone, Fujitsu, Paper River, Green Duck, Green Plane Solutions and Document Manager Magazine. Topics will range from scanning, capture and archive through to workflow, indexing, retrieval, ERP integration, SharePoint, enterprise content management and all the technologies in between. We’ll also take a look at the industry drivers, challenges and provide our two penneth worth! We look forward to entertaining you as you follow our posts. Howard Frear, EASY Software UK