Life After ECM: What Does It Look Like?

AIIM President and CEO John Mancini recently shared his vision of the rapidly changing ECM (enterprise content management) landscape – and what CIOs should do to cope with these changes – in a special webinar, produced in partnership with KOFAX. You can download the whole recording for free here: This second extract from the webinar will let you see what AIIM sees as the main priorities for the ECM community going forward Last time (‘Are We Heading To A Digital Industrial Economy… Or Into Digital Business Chaos?’) I outlined the challenges to modern business around the collision of consumerised IT, the rise of Cloud/Mobile and the changing face of the modern global workforce – which in many experts’ eyes is raising the spectre of companies not moving into a well-functioning Digital Industrial Economy but falling into information overload and what you might call ‘digital chaos.’ This means that dealing with information will be the single biggest business problem for

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