Is Document Management Right for 5 Year Olds?

by Paul Mervin, MD of Cognite Recently I went into IKEA, purchased a bed and a chest of drawers – and was told confidently by the assistant that it couldn’t be easier to put together. Indeed, they said that “a 5 year old could do it.” Well several hours later, feeling very frustrated and annoyed, I was left wondering exactly who and where is that 5 year old that could put this together! It started making me think: isn’t that the same with some of the DM tools out there? Everybody says that they are so easy to use… but when push comes to shove, are they actually also all built for the same mythical 5 year old that flat-pack furniture is seemingly designed for? Now don’t get me wrong. I’m NOT one of those Neanderthals who believes that we should go back to the days of ink pots and quill pens! (Don’t you remember those days, when teachers could still cane pupils, and

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How Buoyant is the UK Document Management Market ?

At the recent EASY Software 2013 UK Partner Day in London, we asked a bunch of document management resellers and channel partners what was driving sales in the UK market and which departments were trail-blazing with Document Management.

Paul from Cognite, Steve from Paper River, Cheryl from Spigraph, Lee from Fujitsu, Alex from Northamber and Andes from Touchstone gave us some great, and upbeat insights. And what’s more they let us video what they had to say.

Sit back, grab a coffee, feet up and listen here

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