A Truly EASY Way of Working!

In June, DMCollaborators’ supporter, EASY Software, held the latest of its very popular Partner Days where it gathers key industry customers for a day of networking, information exchange and fun! We are presenting some of what EASY partners told us there about themselves, working with EASY and the DM market. Here’s what EASY Partner, Kevin Tate, Sales & Operations Manager at DMC had to say. We are a Canon partner – in fact the largest of its managed service print resellers in Europe. In terms of what we offer the market, we help organisations in all aspects of document handling, so obviously Document Management is a big part of that. That’s actually a reflection of where we think the whole industry is going.  We have had to adapt ourselves to a changing market. Now, document management is going into all parts of the business , way beyond just printing, and we have moved along with it – successfully. I feel confident

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