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EASY Rolls Out New Anti-COVID App Help

As we move into the Track and Trace stage of beating Coronavirus, the use of apps to try and help is coming to the fore. Document Management leader EASY Software says it’s on the case here, and with an upgrade to its recently launched EASY HR app, organisations can now start playing their part, too. After all, it’s in the interests of everyone, especially the team members themselves, that infection can be traced in their workplaces comprehensively and reliably.

The faster this process works, the more effective early measures and reactions will be. Available for both iOS and Android, the idea, then, is to help support employees by an in-pocket health application that can report a positive test for an infectious disease to the HR department directly—but privacy and data protection is also baked-in to protect staff, too.

The EASY employee app for iOS and Android protects the workforce with a health module that serves as an addition to existing solutions that allows contact with infectious persons to also be reported. The app automatically searches the integrated attendance list whenever a report is received, rapidly identifying people you might have come into contact with in the past 14 days.

This makes infection chains transparent and allows them to be spatially localised, EASY’s pointing out, stressing that any medical information is not stored in the app, but is sent confidentially to HR via secure means. Employees will never see who is affected by an illness and in what way, it declares, and also reassures us that stored attendance data can also be deleted after one month.

Even better, an integrated newsfeed that’s being developed right now will make company-internal information (e.g., your latest anti-COVID measures) readily available on mobile devices. And, perhaps reflecting the reality of the world we may need to get used to, the EASY employee app is not limited to current chains of infection or annual waves of influenza, but can help you deal with whatever else Mother Nature decides to chuck at us in the coming years.

Go here for more info on the app and these new EASY HR features

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