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How Saga Group is Harnessing Document Management Power To Instantly React To Customers

When you’re a brand people rely on like Saga, if a technology can help improve that KPI for you, you’re going to be interested. And that certainly seems to have been the case for the Group, famous for providing holidays and insurance products tailored to the over-50s, when it comes to Document Management.

That’s because the company has been quietly committed to a digital way of working in its back office for quite some time. As a result, an impressive 90% of incoming mail gets scanned, prepared and directed to where it is needed in the business without physical paper ever being involved, giving any authorised user at any location instant access to its contents.

That functionality is delivered by EASY ARCHIVE (from EASY Software), confirms the company’s Customer Data Quality Assurance & Capture Systems Manager, Marina Uden. “With the exception of certain confidential items and any junk mail, everything is captured and filed electronically,” she states, which improves efficiency—plus, “Having everything available electronically means people anywhere can find it quickly, nothing gets lost, and we’re not at risk of breaching confidentiality.”

‘Issues can be corrected while the ship is still in dock’

That really matters, she says, as whether the business is processing motor insurance claims, completing holiday bookings, or following up on customer feedback, speed and efficiency make the difference between a good customer experience and a bad one. And that’s even more the case in its cruise business (the Group’s first ocean-going ship was launched in 2019, a second is currently being completed, and there are plans for a river cruiser to soon follow). Here, EASY ARCHIVE means ship designs and drawings can be shared readily between operations in its manufacturing partner in Germany, and Saga’s main offices in Kent.

The ability to bridge distance comes into its own from a customer feedback perspective, too. “ In our insurance business, the speed of information access has a direct impact on the customer experience too, minimising delays in the event of a claim. For example, if staff need to go back and look at what the customer told us at any point, our teams can call up that information instantly, enabling them to move things along swiftly.” 

“With the new cruise ships, we’re very keen to get the experience right,” she adds. As Saga holidaymakers complete a trip, they are encouraged to fill in a feedback form which provides the company with a chance to keep improving the customer experience. Actually, here paper (as is still the case for specific purposes) has a definite use; people like a paper form as they’ve told Saga it’s a more immediate and inclusive approach, compared to reliance on feedback online.

Still, Saga loses no time in feeding this through to operational teams, thanks to EASY ARCHIVE. “If we scan the questionnaires in the morning, teams can access the comments by noon, which means any issues can be corrected while the ship is still in dock,” says Uden. “A 3-hour turnaround—incredible for any business!”

Absolutely, and we’re delighted to share this excellent example of business improvement and customer delight through DM technology. See you on board?

thedmcollaborators editor

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