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‘There’s a Gigantic Female Talent Pool in the Tech Industry That’s Untapped:’ EASY UK’s New Director of Finance & Operations on her Expanded & Strategic Role

This month EASY Software UK announced it has made a new board appointment in the shape of Rachel Taylor, who after 15 years in other roles in the company has been asked to step up to the full EASY C-Suite and take on the position of Director of Finance & Operations.

In addition to her direct Finance and Operations responsibilities like billing, facilities management, local HR and revenue management, Rachel will also help to drive global strategic programmes.  Before joining EASY, Rachel was a Business Administrator at a recruitment company, then joined EASY, building a very successful career path for herself, and we were lucky enough to grab five minutes out of her busy schedule to find out more about her new role and responsibilities:

Has your job changed much over your 15 years at EASY?

I started as an Office Manager here, then took on a range of other functions including Order Fulfillment, Marketing and Sales Co-Ordination. Sometimes it’s been very Marketing-heavy, other times I’ve been more involved working with colleagues on organisational change issues.

What’s new in particular about this job?

I’ll be working on a global scale with the extended management team from all the other EASY offices worldwide.

EASY has its special WinIT (Women in IT) programme, of course, that was specifically developed to help talented women and to encourage them to share and implement their ideas, influence and become part of EASY’s modern, innovative management. Has it benefited you?

WinIT actively supports and encourages women to carve out a career in IT through training and support from more experienced colleagues – which has meant employees like me can develop both their skills and themselves personally. I think women are very important in the workforce; there’s a gigantic female talent pool in the tech industry that’s untapped, as it just isn’t seen as viable for women, for whatever reason.  Programmes like EASY’s WinIT enable us to tap into that pool and bring through the female talent.  Hopefully I’m proof of the great career opportunities available to women in this industry.

Thank you so much for all this, Rachel – finally: what do you like to do in your spare time?

[Laughs] Well, EASY UK’s CEO, Andy Boulton, likes to say I have “boundless energy”… I can’t say if that’s true, but I do seem to like climbing mountains in my spare time!

Thanks for your time today, Rachel – and Best of British in your new job!

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