A Big Data Approach to ECM

If you haven’t already bagged your copy of Alan Pelz-Sharpe‘s latest white paper, A Big Data Approach to ECM, it is FREE and available here.

The thinking behind this paper was to understand what alternatives innovative customers are considering when it comes to moving from Legacy ECM 1.0 to modern ECM 2.0 capabilities on premise or in the cloud.  Alan Pelz-Sharpe and the analysts of Deep Analysis conducted a deep dive into Big Data and particularly NoSQL databases, Hadoop and DynamoDB.

Today, businesses can leverage ECM 2.0 systems that can run natively in the cloud and use big data-friendly databases to help reduce operational costs and overhead. While vendors like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure have emerged as reliable alternatives to on-premise solutions, innovative buyers are also leveraging the advanced capabilities of NoSQL databases such Apache Hadoop or Amazon’s DynamoDB, to offer a schema-less approach that provide several benefits (scaling, simplicity, cost) over the RDBMS repositories used by legacy ECM vendors.

Alan Pelz-Sharpe is founder and principal analyst at Deep Analysis and a DM Collaborator contributor.


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