Some EASY Thoughts And Some Yule Ones

Last time , we spoke about the headline drivers for change in our post-Brexit world. This time I’m casting my all-seeing Eye of Sauron a bit nearer home, to what I see happening for EASY SOFTWARE UK over the next few months.

A big area for us is HR. As we move to a more automated, digital future I can’t see how that can change. HR leaders need better tools to cope with change and make the handling of human capital as friction-free as possible, and I can’t see how our proposition won’t get anything but stronger as a result. Too long the IT Cinderella when it comes to corporate tech priorities, the rise of the app economy means that HR is finally getting the tools it needs to contribute at the pace and volume it’s capable of, and I can’t wait to get stuck in with some of the great opportunities I see coming down the pipeline in this field.

But an even bigger market for us will be less of a vertical business function one like HR, and more of a cross-organisational one. I refer to contract management, which has just broken through this year in terms of business interest for the company. Contracts are becoming more important, more complex, and more toxic if they go wrong than ever – so businesses are waking up to the need for better ways to access and work collaboratively with these vital documents and associated processes. (Interestingly, HR comes back into this picture, as HR is one of the main stakeholders for getting contracts handled correctly.)

At the same time, some things don’t change. All of the work we’ll do in 2017 in terms of helping HR teams and contract management professionals will be played out against our on-going work to make our solutions ever more functional but also simpler to use, plus our on-going work supporting our highly valued SAP HANA customer base, and our work on user (and partner) training and education, of which there are some very promising developments.

So – a promising year, built and sustained on dependable and deep organisational foundations. I am really looking forward to a good Yule break, as I am sure you are too.

Can I wish you and yours a fantastic Christmas and New Year – and good luck for all your endeavours to my fellow DM community experts and practitioners.

Merry Christmas!

Howard Frear is Sales and Marketing Director at EASY SOFTWARE UK

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