One Of The World’s Most Famous Chocolate Companies Improves Its Back-End Processes Via ECM

CasaLuker is a Colombian company with over 100 years of history, and we are very well organised in our local market. Eight years ago we founded a new subsidiary to market our chocolate products around the world – our best cocoa products: our cacao Fino de Aroma for example, is already recognised in over 25 countries, and our dream of becoming a global player is rapidly becoming a reality.

In 2013, we ventured into the world of document management with EASY for SAP. Previously, we had a big problem with handling documents and papers, especially in the area of supply chain management. Now, all relevant business products, such as purchase transactions or purchase requisitions and approvals, are available to view online directly from our SAP interface – and as an organisation, we now have complete transparency in our processes and can keep up with our purchasing policies. Approval processes are so much easier now, because the approvers have all the documentation they need.

In general, one of the biggest challenges in implementing information systems is to find projects that deliver results quickly. With EASY we found a company that promised to implement a complete ECM solution in less than a month. Working closely with EASY, our IT team could guarantee to our users and management that the project would be implemented in time – and the EASY solution seamlessly integrates with our SAP environment.

A full electronic paper-free approval process

First, the idea of implementing an entire SAP integrated ECM solution remotely sounded strange to us, but it turned out to be very successful. From the first day onwards, though, after the go-live, we have been benefitting greatly from the solution.

We continue to approve and view documents online, especially for purchasing. Within a corporate governance strategy we have been asked to have full traceability of the entire purchasing process, beginning with the process of selecting the supplier up to the accounts payable process to monitor each invoice: EASY for SAP provides us with complete insight into each business transaction and each stage of the purchasing process.

Before implementation of the EASY for SAP project we had more than 150 people outside the system approving manually the entire procurement process. Today, after the implementation of this project, we have an electronic paper-free approval process. With EASY we have a solution supporting a completely transparent end-to-end procurement process. We now have the confidence that no one takes a business decision without having all the information at hand that is required.

EASY – a true partner

We are currently using our SAP Hana database and can definitely say via this project that the EASY with SAP solution fully integrates with SAP, ERP and Hana – and, of course, it’s great that EASY for SAP solutions is fully certified and approved by SAP Germany.

In summation, I am happy to recommend EASY Software as a company to implement document management projects because it kept its promises, and am happy to call EASY software our true partner in document management.

The author is CasaLuker’s CTO, Gerson Granados. You can see a video version of this case study here

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