A Brief Snapshot Of How DM Is Helping A Major Construction Company

Founded in 1939 by the two visionary construction engineers, Sezai Türkeş and Feyzi Akkaya, Turkey’s STFA has now grown to be a truly global operation – fulfilling the founders’ initial dream: starting with expansion in Libya in the 1970s, the firm has now implemented construction projects in more than 24 countries worldwide.

STFA is active, not just in the building industry, though; its fields of activity also include power generation, as well as mechanical engineering. Indeed, since 2009 there’s been a sharp increase in the company’s growth. And in order to control that strong growth and to store the company’s knowledge, there’s been real investment in the corresponding systems.

In this context, STFA started looking for a document management system. They approached this task very thoroughly indeed and in the end, they ended up tested nearly all the ECM (Enterprise Content Management) products available worldwide. The guiding principle throughout that exhaustive evaluation was simple, though: ‘It must be easy’ – something that’s often a real challenge for an enterprise IT system!

After reviewing 20-30 products, STFA set up a shortlist of four final contenders, two of which made it to the final round. To choose the winner, they then requested a live demo from these companies …but while recording, they also changed the scenario!

This was to test product flexibility and to see how the prospective system could deal with a sudden (but realistic) business change. Only EASY Software managed to cope with this change – and that is why STFA is now working with EASY Software!

EASY has a number of functions that are important to STFA, one of which is SAP integration – something EASY does very well. Overall, in fact, EASY has a very flexible product and allows STFA to meet all of its requirements.

In terms of what they’re using it for, STFA moved its contract, personnel, risk management and even health and safety applications into EASY.

Timucin Erdogo, IT Director at STFA Group, commented:

‘STFA is very satisfied with EASY Software’s products and EASY is a customer friendly and flexible application.

In future, STFA intends to use EASY right across the entire company as we regard the product as being very successful; we would recommend EASY to any enterprise.

‘As an example of how and why, I can just point to our current workload: we have, at the moment, 14 international projects running, with many in mining. Each has different requirements and scenarios. But we can analyse requirements and implement the solution within three to four days with EASY. This is very important for us. EASY has a complete solution portfolio.

‘In terms of where we’d like to go next, currently we are working on a solution for the building industry. EASY gives us a lot of strength and energy there. The next step is to implement other applications also using EASY’s mobile solutions.

‘We’ve been going for 76 years now and we believe that for the next 76 years, we’ll be able to record many more STFA success stories using EASY. To sum up, I’d say EASY is extremely important to us.’

If you’d like to see the full STFA customer success video online click here

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