AIIM Forum UK 2015: Shaping Up To Be One Of The Best Ever?

Deborah Puxty-Ward, Revolution Events AIIMForum UKBy Deborah Puxty-Ward, Group Event Director – Europe, Revolution Events Ltd

What are you doing on Wednesday, June 24th – apart from joining myself and many of your peers at the AIIM Forum UK, the best one day conference you can possibly find for all things information management and DM-related?

There’s quite a history to the Forum, as some of you might know; it all started with what, at one time, was a two week, cross-Britain roadshow, from Scotland all the way down to London.

In that era, 20 or so years back, it was seen as the best way for the DM community to connect across the country. But time’s got a bit more precious for all of us and the roadshow (successful as it was in its own way) has now morphed into a very crystallised, modern, one-day version – which participants agree is the best way for busy stakeholders to get what they want out of the AIIM experience, in a very concentrated way.

What do I mean by the AIIM ‘experience’? Well, what we try and offer each year is a way to get the best information and guidance you can possibly get under one roof, in terms of what’s driving the Document Management and Enterprise Content Management market.

Time to transform?

So we have a balanced day, where we get some real visionary stuff from the top of AIIM in the shape of our group’s leader, John Mancini. John always sets out to offer the global, ‘view from 30,000 feet’ stuff that decisionmakers value in terms of setting out the fully strategic, on-trend perspective. Doug Miles will then come in at more of a tactical level, if you like, offering insight into some of the research and analysis of the market that his team have been conducting over the year.

Education and the bigger picture is just part of a Forum, though. That’s because we also look to connect you with the market – in terms of the most important suppliers to the information management field. Please don’t read that as ‘being sold to’, as we are very strict with our partners. That isn’t the deal here – and they are very good at honouring that, delivering instead what we know you want: a chance to get some visibility into the main trends around technology and services to help you make any investment decisions, that you might be toying with, as informed as possible.

Investment? Well, yes – as the market does seem to be getting back to life, as the worst of the recession fades into the rear-view mirror. By the same token, we think you’ll be interested in catching up with your peers and getting an opportunity to benchmark your progress around data and information management with people who are in the same boat as you.

Or maybe even a little ahead of you? After all, the theme of the year is: It’s time to transform your information processes … and others may be further along that path than you. What better opportunity than to visit the Forum to see what you might need to do next?

So, to sum up – why do we want to see you on the 24th? There are other tech conferences, after all. The problem is, many are very niche – concentrating, for example, on specific technologies (e.g. Microsoft SharePoint). We are broader than that. Our independence is also a big value for attendees and indeed, AIIM members generally; they value, as I’m sure you do, the chance to debate openly the main issues that affect us all, untied to one technology stack or way of seeing the world.

That’s why another great feature, the independent consultants on hand, it is usually of great interest to delegates, as it’s a chance to get excellent consulting advice for free, from the people who really ought to know.

Finally, there’s also the option, if you have the chance, to take part in our pre-conference courses, this year on Information Governance and ECM, which are run by AIIM and give you the chance to get top-flight learning in one focused package.

See you at Ibis London Earls Court!

We genuinely have put together what we are sure is a convenient, information-rich, useful day for anyone interested in the information management problem. Why not come along and check us out to see for yourself, if you’ve never had the chance to do a Forum before?

So we hope to see you on the 24th at Ibis London Earl’s Court, then! Put it in your diary now and click on the link below to secure your registration quickly and easily. It’s going to be one of the best ones we’ve ever had, I am pretty convinced…

The AIIM Forum UK is brought to you by the Global Community of Information Professionals (AIIM), with keynotes from AIIM’s John Mancini and Doug Miles, plus additional insights from many of the leading thinkers

in this key area. Entry is free-of-charge when you register online – click here – and includes complimentary lunch and access to all sessions.

Follow the event on @AIIMForumUK2015  and #aiimforumuk.




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