‘A Strong Reputation In The Market – Among Users And Resellers’

197749f Colin Smith Nolan Business SolutionsBy Colin Smith, Sales Manager, Nolan Business Solutions

In this blog, EASY Software UK partner, Colin Smith tells us about Nolan Business Solutions, how they work with EASY Software UK and the DM market.

Nolan Business Solutions is a UK-headquartered software developer with international coverage. What do we do?: well we provide a range of ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, business systems for a wide range of customers. We do that by building systems around two main strands: the Microsoft Dynamics ERP range as well as the NetSuite SuiteApps cloud portfolio, so we are also a reseller of those platforms.

How does DM (Document Management) fit in to that picture?

Well, across the entire spectrum of what we do, to be honest. In just about every engagement, be that for on-premise with Dynamics or Cloud with NetSuite, you have to get information, usually of course of a financial or invoicing nature, into the ERP for it to work with.

DM provides the surest way of doing that, or should I say the most seamless way, of doing that – moving the information the business needs out of the document and into the ERP engine.

So where does EASY fit in?

We’re only really starting our journey together here; we’ve only been working together for about a year. But I can say it really does feel like a natural fit.

What led you to EASY’s door then?

Simple: brand and reputation. EASY is very well known in the ERP marketplace and that’s in the eyes of two important stakeholder groups, too – that of the customers and the reseller community. It’s seen as a very strong, reliable solution by both parties, I think you’ll find: its reputation is strong in the market.

In fact, it was one customer in particular who were very keen for us to start talking to them about us working together, as it was very interested in that combination.

It’s early days, but this does feel like it’s going to work out very well for all of us – Nolan, EASY and our joint customers, I believe.

Colin is Sales Manager with Nolan Business Solutions (http://www.nolanbusinesssolutions.co.uk), an international solution provider that’s helped thousands of companies solve their business problems by implementing leading mid-market business software solutions as well as custom-developed software applications



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