‘It’s Good To Have Something Like This To Offer The DM Market’

0b87ea4 James Overton DMC CanotecBy James Overton, Sales Manager, DMC Group

In this blog, EASY Software UK partner, James Overton tells us about the DMC Group, how they work with EASY Software UK and the DM market.

 We are a very successful document scanning and print solutions operation, offering a range of solutions from our network of UK offices to just over 3,000 customers now. That’s a very wide array of customer categories and types, too, I should say – we work with everyone from small businesses to a Premier League football club to various Universities, even The Royal Albert Hall and some legal sector firms… it’s a very wide range, it’s a great area of business. A key business application for us is the processing of invoices, I should probably add at this point.

How does EASY and DM fit into that picture?

The relationship with EASY really began via a customer, to be honest. We were having a conversation where it soon became clear we didn’t quite have the right solutions for its specific needs, it was a bit ‘beyond’ what we then had.

So a project started to try and deal with this and luckily we came across the guys at an AIIM roadshow. It soon became clear this, the EASY Software DM solution, was exactly what the client needed, so we started from there, about 12 or so months ago now.

How have things progressed since then?

It’s honestly just grown and grown. There are two aspects, if you like. One is how it helps us. We recently merged with another firm in the same space and we expect a lot more business and growth out of that. At the same time, our core market, print, is in long-term decline to some extent, so we are always looking for ways to extend our value to the customer, bring more things to the table for them, so DM – and what EASY is starting to offer – really helps us there. EASY actually really fits in very, very nicely for us in terms of things we can start to offer customers, customers of very different sizes too, I might say. Frankly, if we wanted to offer the market all the things EASY does, we’d have to combine a lot of software to do that and so it’s really much better for everyone that we can get it all from one place like this.

I’d also say – still talking in terms of the developing DMC-EASY relationship – that they’re a pleasure to work with, very, very responsive, they really strive to understand us and our business – Howard (Frear) especially is very good to deal with from our point of view. So all in all, we see this as a very promising relationship and we’re glad to have connected with EASY Software and the UK team.

 James is Sales Manager at DMC Group (http://www.dmcplc.info/Default.aspx), an authorised supplier of Canon (it is an accredited Canon Advanced Solutions Reseller Partner) solutions with roots stretching back to 1991; it is now a £30m turnover operation, with further growth expected following its merger last year with another big Canon document scanner reseller, Canotec



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