EASY – The ‘Go To’ DM Product For The SME?

dave poyser Associate Director IF profile photoBy Dave Poyser, Director of Solution Marketing, Xpress Document Solutions

In this blog, EASY Software UK partner, Dave Poyser tells us about his company, Xpress Document Solutions, how they work with EASY Software UK and the DM market.

Xpress Document Solutions is 100% about Document Management – from consultancy to bureau services to bespoke development. We service a wide range of customers, too, from SMEs to multinational enterprises; the size of the customer obviously having an impact on the nature of the solution we provide. For the smaller customer, it tends to be off-the-shelf, that’s to say, whereas with bigger clients you can end up with a lot more customisation and bespoke work needing to be done. So I’d say we really do cover the whole spectrum of DM.

Why are you working with EASY Software, then?

We’ve been partners with EASY Software for about six or seven years; we met, I think, at an AIIM roadshow in either Bolton or Manchester. In fact it was George (Haddaway) we met, who is still our main contact, though we do talk of course with him, Tony (Cheung) or Howard (Frear) or the tech team, depending on what we need, i.e. help with selling or marketing EASY or a specific technical question.

In terms of the ‘why,’ it’s like I said – we cover the spectrum of DM solutions and for many clients, our smaller ones especially, EASY is the perfect off-the-shelf solution for the vast majority of them. In fact, EASY now pretty much ticks all the boxes in terms of DM; it’s become my ‘go-to’ product for an awful lot of engagements.

We also have to say we really like working with EASY as a partner. They are very accessible, open and friendly and we see this as a very important relationship for us.

Dave is Director of Solution Marketing at Xpress Document Solutions (http://www.xpressdocs.co.uk/document-management/), an independent Staffordshire-based Document Management consultancy focused on identifying and establishing customer’s specific document management requirements



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