Do You Have A Relationship Of Trust With Your DM Industry Partner?

In this blog, EASY Software UK partner, Jennifer Van Lent tells us about DICOM Spigragh, how they work with EASY Software UK and the DM market.

I think the best way to think about what DICOM Spigraph will mean for the European DM market is to see us as providing the digital ‘on-ramp’ – in terms of the specialist hardware and software – to get people on to the EASY Software solution set.

To put that another way, we are working with both EASY Software customers and partners (such as resellers) to make sure they have the document capture and scanning solutions they need to get off paper and into the DM universe.

But who are those customers? Do you think their profile is changing?

Most definitely, yes. It’s not too long ago that Document and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) really was restricted to only the biggest organisations. It was all heavy lifting, it was complex. And those organisations got value out of it, of course, but it was really only an enterprise story.

Look how quickly that’s changed. DM and ECM really is now for the SME or the department of one of those bigger organisations now. We’re seeing the amazing benefits of ECM in terms of the ability to scan, capture and digitise paper into real information getting seen by all sorts of buyers now, which is great.

To be honest, what’s even better is that it’s now – no pun intended – so much ‘easier’ to implement DM. We’ve finally gone away from the days of the 18 to 24 month project cycle, the cycle that so often didn’t really deliver the Return On Investment or benefits the business had been hoping for. That’s great, too.

So yes – change and change for the better for the DM market, too, I think we can all agree, You no longer have to be a 100,000 or even a 5,000 person company to get into DM now, which is fantastic news for any company that wants to see what EASY and DM can start delivering for them.

I am sure many DMCollaborator readers will agree. Can you close for now, please, Jennifer, with a sense of what it’s been like working with EASY?

Sure. We have loved working with Tony, Howard and all the other EASY folks. We hear a lot about partnership in this industry and we do know that not all of these relationships really justify that term, but that word – partnership – is absolutely the right word to use about this linkage. It’s a trusted relationship, by which I mean it’s built on trust: we see EASY as trusted advisors, in fact.

What’s also great is that it’s never just about the technology with people like Howard. The whole company, in fact, is like him – they really want to genuinely deliver the best to the end user and will strive to do that. I’m really proud to be part of that.

Jennifer Van Lent DICOM

Jennifer is Director of Solution Marketing at DICOM Spigraph Group (, a provider of intelligent scanning, capture and document process solutions: founded in 1991 in Switzerland, the company has grown both organically and through acquisition, the most recent and significant of such moves being the merger with Spigraph in January that made it the biggest VAD in document capture market in the whole of Europe, the Middle East and Africa

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