Is DM Coming More Into Focus For Medium To Large Enterprises?

In this blog, EASY Software UK partner, Andrew Watson tells us about FIS Information Systems UK, how they work with EASY Software UK and the DM market.

FIS Information Systems UK is a company that offers what you might call a set of useful ‘add-ons’ to the SAP business software system. So we offer extra functionality in a number of business areas, such as workflow, invoice recognition and HR/human capital.

In terms of our relationship with EASY Software, as we are both originally German headquartered organisations, that’s a relationship dating back at least ten years there, though here in the UK we’ve been working with Tony, Howard and the guys for about five years, I’d say.

What’s interesting is that it’s actually a two-way relationship we have: we tell our SAP customers about EASY Archive, that it’s the best solution for the whole invoice collection procedure, and the EASY guys are kind enough to recommend our Workflow solution to the SAP customers they come into contact with. We see it as a real synergy.

Where does DM fit in, though, if you are primarily interested in the SAP world?

Well, it’s fundamental. When you think about it, once a document is processed by a business, it has to reside somewhere. That’s why we chose the EASY Archive system to do just that for our customers; it’s our preferred archiving solution, in fact, the one that we recommend.

That’s important as basically, every customer’s going to be dealing with invoices – often a very large number of them. In our case, Accounts Payable is a key vertical for us, especially in the kind of medium to larger enterprises that tend to favour SAP and who are relevant to us: just the kind of organisation that is starting to find DM very beneficial, in other words.

04d4de6 Andrew Watson FIS Systems

Andrew is Technical Director at FIS Information Systems UK (, which from its UK base in Manchester offers technology to help simplify business processes and automate manual tasks for users of the SAP platform.




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