DM: Getting Deeper And Deeper Into The Business

In June, DMCollaborators’ supporter EASY Software held the latest of its very popular Partner Days where it gathers key industry customers for a day of networking, information exchange and fun! We are presenting some of what EASY partners told us there about themselves, working with EASY and the DM market

How does Document Management fit in with what we do at TouchstoneFMS?

Simple – it fits in very well with what we provide to our customers, especially those in Finance departments. That’s because they get in a lot of information from suppliers and their customers that needs to be retained; it needs to be scanned in and has to be easy to refer to subsequently. So DM really helps in a key way for a key TouchstoneFMS customer, the Finance and Procurement Team.

In fact, that’s true right across all our TouchstoneFMS divisions, as we provide financial management solutions to a wide range of organisations. EASY Software UK is an integral part of the solution we offer – and I’m glad to say it’s a long, well-established relationship between us.

Over the course of that long relationship, what have you seen change in terms of the DM market?

We have seen it change, really fundamentally change in fact – with that rate of change even accelerating a little bit recently. It was certainly the case for a long time that DM sat off a little bit to one side but it is now getting embedded right at the heart of business now.

Let me explain what I mean by that a bit more. At one time, organisations were saying, we have all this paper coming in that we’d like to handle better, with putting it in an electronic format the obvious thing to do. Now they have gone far beyond that and want that ‘paper,’ or rather that information, to be routed and forwarded around the company in the most efficient manner, to the people in the business who need to see it next.

In other words, they just don’t have the time for the ‘paper chase’ of before. They know that all that information coming in can’t sit on the sidelines, it has to be converted immediately and become part of a visible workflow and process.

That’s what we see DM as getting deeper and deeper into the organisation: it has to be part of the overall strategy that you have as part of the business. So working with EASY Software to make all that happen is really exciting for us.

03a1f77 Andes Loukianos Touchstone


Andes Loukianos is Sales & Marketing Director for TouchstoneFMS (, a leading UK based IT services company with a number of divisions servicing a wide range of international organisations in the Energy, Finance, Hospitality, Hi-Tech, Media and Publishing, Retail, Professional Services and Non-Profit sectors.

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