Green Duck: A Lot More Than An Unusual Name

0f145a6 Craig Davies Green DuckIn June, DMCollaborators’ sponsor, EASY Software, held the latest of its very popular Partner Days where it gathers key industry customers for a day of networking, information exchange and fun! We are presenting some of what EASY partners told us there about themselves, working with EASY and the DM market.

Here’s what Craig Davies, Business Development Manager at Green Duck had to say.

‘We’re an IT services company helping small, medium and, in some cases, some really quite large customers.’

So much is obvious, perhaps. So maybe the more interesting question is, What makes Green Duck different – apart from the name?

‘Well, we think our biggest differentiator is that we are proactive. That’s a term that cuts right across our business, from the deep technology side, right to the way we actively work with clients. On that tech side, we employ clever software ‘agents’ that scuttle all over your infrastructure, looking for things to go wrong and alerting us before even you know. On the professional services side, we aren’t all about sitting around once you’ve engaged us, we’re there to work for you – we are a very active partner. And in terms of support, we aren’t a ‘ticket’ type of company… if you ring up our support centre with a problem, we’re going to work with you to fix that right away, not make you wait.’

So what is the link to EASY?

‘Well, actually it was that service centre I just mentioned: it’s in Bury St Edmunds. So we’re EASY Software’s neighbour! We’re also a supplier to EASY of infrastructure services; we offer a neat thing called airFiber, which does what it says on the tin – connectivity over the air, which EASY seems to find really useful, I am glad to say.

To sum up, we like to think we are both close physically as well as close in a business relationship way with Howard and the rest at EASY.

We’re really interested in what EASY is up to in the cloud. That could fit very, very nicely with the conversations we’re starting to have with our clients, our SME clients in particular. That could be a really cost-effective, scalable way for them to get into Document Management.’

In what way particularly?

‘Why would that be useful – Document Management? Well, we work with a lot of manufacturing companies. What’s really quite surprising is how poor a lot of those guys are at efficiency in terms of the design process.

You have some great engineering drawings and designs at one end, but too often, even today, you have someone on the shop floor trying to work all that out from paper documentation. So you have a lot of rather poor workflow, some slow and possibly error-prone steps there.

A lot of companies we are talking to in that kind of business see great potential for streamlining some of that and getting some real efficiency in there as a way to save cost and we see DM as a prime way of delivering just that – and working with EASY as the way to do it.’

Craig is in charge of Business Development activities at Green Duck, a provider of IT services, which has customers in a wide number of sectors including facilities management, finance, legal, aviation, manufacturing and retail (as well as the public sector).

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