It’s Official: This Blog Is A WINNER!

By Howard Frear, Director of Sales and Marketing, EASY Software UK

Winners 2014 Storage Awards EASYWe couldn’t have done it without you! Did you know that your fantastic work here on the DMCollaborators’ Blog has only gone and won an industry award?

Specifically, at the highly-regarded, independent annual Storage Awards, held in London in mid June (see more here, EASY Software came first in the ‘Best Marketing Team’ category.

And that top bit of industry recognition – won in partnership with our esteemed colleagues at on-the-ball B2B hi-tech marcomms firm Sarum PR – was based partly on the launch of this – the market’s only true community space for the Document Management sector.

Let me quote from the official statement on the achievement, where the EASY-Sarum team was “once again recognised for its innovative, hard hitting marketing and PR campaigns” which the judges decided had successfully integrated a number of communication channels, including social media, to raise awareness of EASY’s products as well as promoting a wider understanding of the industry as a whole.

Now here’s the good bit: “A recent social media campaign, the DM Collaborators’ Blog sponsored by EASY, offers a platform for industry figures to discuss current and emergent issues facing the market.”

Isn’t that brilliant?

Only the beginning of an amazing social media journey?

It’s really pleasing, of course, that our ten year partnership with our friends at Sarum has been singled out. (It’s not the first time that we have won this particular Award, but I’m not focusing on that right now.)

But what’s even more gratifying is that it was our work with you guys – the people who take the time and effort to make this great new platform for the DM professional as lively and as viable as it is – that was marked out as a big contributor to us winning our ninth ‘Storrie’ (as the The Storage Awards are affectionately known)!

But – this is only the beginning. I suspect we all have a lot more to learn about B2B social media as this tremendously exciting but fast moving phenomenon progresses ahead by leaps and bounds.

The fact that we are on that journey together is what this news really means to me.

Next: let’s win lots more awards for this blog! You game?

Have a great day,

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